Friday, October 16, 2009


Have you ever nestled your nose in the soft petals of a fully bloomed rose?

The almost wilting petals tickled my face today as i closed my eyes and soaked up her intense fragrance. The rose was hand picked with love from the Woodlands gardens and shared herself with me with no holding back, no inhibitions and i responded with total joy.

Every single day i get a front row seat to a glorious show of nature. My consultation room is built in the trees and as soon as patients step into my room, half my job has already been done by Mother Nature, the greatest healer of all.

Today as i sat observing the weaver at work on its sixth attempt at building his nest and the plops in the pond as the fish jumped in and out, i realised that nature has no inhibitions. When the conditions are ripe, each organism expresses itself to its full potential This is only because it is pure spirit, no ego, no fear- no 'what ifs' and 'should i?' or 'what will the other tree thank if i start to bloom?' It simply lives according to its blueprint of perfection.

I think that this is our challenge as human beings( one of many), to understand the place of the ego but not to give it so much power over the spirit that it confines and traps it. Our soul craves for the freedom to express itself. Just take a moment to listen to your soul's today .

I did , as i nestled my nose in the soft petals of a fully bloomed rose...

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  1. What a wonderful privilege to work being surrounded by such a beauty... i think that once Buddha stared the beauty of a rose in front of his devotees for hours. They did not understand what was happening, only one could.
    We need to make more space in our beings, getting rid of thoughts and stories, focusing to FEEL Life.