Friday, October 16, 2009


Have you ever nestled your nose in the soft petals of a fully bloomed rose?

The almost wilting petals tickled my face today as i closed my eyes and soaked up her intense fragrance. The rose was hand picked with love from the Woodlands gardens and shared herself with me with no holding back, no inhibitions and i responded with total joy.

Every single day i get a front row seat to a glorious show of nature. My consultation room is built in the trees and as soon as patients step into my room, half my job has already been done by Mother Nature, the greatest healer of all.

Today as i sat observing the weaver at work on its sixth attempt at building his nest and the plops in the pond as the fish jumped in and out, i realised that nature has no inhibitions. When the conditions are ripe, each organism expresses itself to its full potential This is only because it is pure spirit, no ego, no fear- no 'what ifs' and 'should i?' or 'what will the other tree thank if i start to bloom?' It simply lives according to its blueprint of perfection.

I think that this is our challenge as human beings( one of many), to understand the place of the ego but not to give it so much power over the spirit that it confines and traps it. Our soul craves for the freedom to express itself. Just take a moment to listen to your soul's today .

I did , as i nestled my nose in the soft petals of a fully bloomed rose...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Song of the Soul

I read a very beautiful story about certain African tribes that gives every single child of the tribe their own special song or tune . The song is specifically chosen as soon as the mother knows she's pregnant. So throughout the pregnancy, the foetus gets to know his soul song as he floats in the womb. The song is played at the time of birth and at every significant time in his life. It is played to soothe him when he's uncomfortable and to help the healing process when he's ill. The healing frequency of soul song remains a part of his consciousness throughout his life.
How amazing it would be if this is a gift we could all give our children as as soon as we aware of their presence.
I told this story to a special patient and friend when she discovered she was pregnant. We have come a long way together- i met her at my first BodyTalk Course( an energy healing modality that i practise) Since then she has being seeing me regularly for sessions. She is a successful career woman but also a very talented musician. She loved the idea and knew immediately the song she would choose- Gabriella's song from the profound movie- "As it is in Heaven"
(Please watch it if you haven't)
I imagine her husband with their baby on his chest, - and her, playing his soul song on the cello...soothing him into a heavenly sleep.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The Gift of Lorenza

I have always loved writing, in fact i would have studied journalism if....
Anyway, life directed me through the path of medicine, which i am truly grateful for.How beautiful that even through this path, i find myself collecting stories and growing through them.
I had heard about blogging but, being the technological retard that i am, didn't have a clue about how it worked... until i met Lorenza, beautiful Italian woman with twinkling eyes, who i met as a consequence of a life changing 12 week process called the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.
I had suggested this book to some of my patients whose healing process i thought needed to involve accessing their creative potential. Watching how their lives began to transform, i felt drawn to expererience the process myself . Lorenza arrived at the first Artist's Way tea that i had organized.All 5 of us at that first gathering left feeling completely exhilirated and inspired by each other. We were particularly inspired by Lorenza who has had the courage to fulfill her passion for writing and establishing herself as a writer every single day through her blog. Check it out on: to read more about her incredible story. Areally uplifting read.
A good friend once told me- "Every time someone does the Artist's way, something amazing happens" . Now i undertand what he meant.
Something incredible has happened. I now am able to share and be supported by a group of very special people and i have my own blog!
I now have a forum to share my experiences and thoughts as a doctor, healer and seeker.
This is the space where i finally get to create in a way that i have always dreamt of- through writing. I am bursting with ideas and excitement of what i'd like to write and share.
Until next time...
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Medicine as Art

My inner artist has finally emerged. And now, have my given myself full permission to call myself an artist . My life is my art and i have embraced my work as a doctor as my art.
For so long i was feeling lost in the wilderness, having dedicated years of study of medicine and yet feeling like i was missing a huge piece ofmyself. I have gathered pieces of myself from the corners and shadows of my soul. I have given myself permission to be free, to work in a way that feels real and more true to who i am.
It has taken courage, failure, a broken heart and commitment to my purpose for me to emerge as an artist. Every day start with a brand new canvas, and as the day progresses the colours of emotion and shades of feeling emerge through my interaction with my patients.
Their joy and mine, their healing and mine , wisps of energy,blend together in the space between us, creating the art of healing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Road less travelled

Dear friends
I trust that the arrival of spring has re awakened your zest for life. I certainly feel a sense of renewal on the one hand at the same time feeling resolved with the choices I have made especially with regard to my choice to practice as an integrated doctor.
There are times when its necessary to look back at where you have come to appreciate the sacrifice of walking the road less travelled. I recently filled in at a GP practice where I saw an inconceivable 40 patients in one short day. This re affirmed my choice to sell my GP Practice and work in a more holistic way. For me it was soul destroying to consult with a patient for 10 mins who walked out with nothing but a script in hand.
It was also a humble acceptance for me that my journey as an integrated practitioner has only just begun . At times I feel overwhelmed by all the knowledge yet to be gained and although my medical training has given be a solid basis for the work that I do, I realise that there is so much that I need to unlearn.
So i invite you to journey and discover with me as I grow and mature into the exciting world of the bodymind. Each month I will discussing the integrated approach to conditions that I come across most commonly in my practice in order that you are better equipped to make choices with regards to your health.
This month I will be tackling the cholesterol issue.
Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and feedback.
Dr Ela

The Cholesterol Myth

Cholesterol is a natural fat substance that is necessary for the formation of cell membranes and the production of hormones, Vit D and bile salts.
We have been made to believe that a high cholesterol level is the major predictor for cardiovascular disease. Although, it is an important factor to be considered, research is now showing that it needs to be seen in context of a range of other factors.
It is also now being shown that it is the oxidised form of cholesterol(oxy cholesterol) that is dangerous and sticks to the wall of damaged or inflamed blood vessel walls. Oxidation occurs when there is an excess of free radicals in the blood from smoking and ingestion of toxins from the diet and environment.
Other risk factors for Cardiovascular disease that can be influenced
Ø Bad diet
Ø Obesity
Ø Sedentary habits
Ø Type 2 diabetes
Ø Smoking
Ø Stress
Dr Bernard Brom, editor of the SA Society for Integrated Medicine newsletter quotes an article is written by a very well known Integrative Cardiologist in America, Dr Stephen Sinatra and is called “Clearing up the cholesterol confusion”

1. Most cardiologists think that I am nuts and don’t know what I am talking about and that high cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

2. I no longer buy into the cholesterol-lowering frenzy that has turned the medical profession into one big vending machine for statins. Eg Lipitor

3. The French had the highest average cholesterol in Europe, but also the lowest incidence of heart disease.

4. On the island of Crete a 10 year study failed to register a single heart attack despite high cholesterol levels.

5. Half of all heart attacks occur in people with ‘normal’ total cholesterol.

6. Arteriosclerosis is due to inflammation of arterial tissue and not high cholesterol. Cholesterol plays a role, but not even a leading role, in the inflammatory response. Cholesterol appears whenever there is arterial destruction due to the inflammation.

7. Hypercholesteremia is not a disease, but a physiological variant in most people.

8. Newer tests will become more important. They examine the various fractions of HDL and LDL, which are a more sensitive index of disease.

His recommendations are as follows:

For high Cholesterol levels he suggests lifestyle modification, weight reduction and lots of fibre. Statins only if there is evidence of arterial disease.Don’t bring the cholesterol levels down too low, as this is associated with cancer, aggression, cerebral haemorrhage, amnesia and could affect the ability to combat infections.

So what should Integrative doctors advice their clients?

Doctors really need to take into account all the risk factors, and cholesterol is only one of them. These include lipoprotein a, homocysteine, fibrinogen, blood pressure, fasting glucose, weight, BMI and lifestyle factors such as stress, family history, age and sex, personality type, exercise and diet. Are clients prepared to change lifestyle or not and how far are they prepared to go. The more risk factors the stricter one should be about lifestyle and diet and the more nutritional supplements required

If you are concerned about your cholesterol level or would like to know more about a more holistic approach to managing the risks of cardiovascular disease, please call me for an appointment.
Dr Ela
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